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“The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.”
-Abbie Hoffman

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18 February 10
Posted: 3:13 PM
Hollibaugh also became involved in a number of political movements, and stripping by night funded her unpaid activism by day. Simultaneously a prostitute and communist, she was a hooker among feminists who viewed sex workers as victims of patriarchal misogyny, and a high-femme lesbian in a gay and lesbian movement that regarded butch/femme as outdated, offensive role-playing. One way or another, Hollibaugh was an outcast, and she hid her sex work from her fellow activists. “I knew that even in the midst of the sex liberation movements, it wouldn’t be cool to talk about [being a sex worker],” she says.

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13 February 10
11 February 10
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