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“The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it.”
-Abbie Hoffman

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8 March 10
Posted: 6:28 PM

International Women’s Day: A Collective

Happy International Women’s Day! Some history of the day, which is more popular and more often recognized in other countries but has finally hit home in the US, can be found here.

Articles of Interest for IWD:

NYT: Three Proven Steps to Advance the World’s Women

HuffPo: 11 Women Who Are Changing the World

Gender Across Borders held a celebration via blogs! They asked all bloggers to blog on IWD.

AWearNess: Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity

19 February 10


Kathleen Hanna came into a music scene in the 90s that was angry, violent, and full of men. She and her bandmates in Bikini Kill, along with the rest of the riot grrrl movement, pushed back against that culture and helped usher in a new “wave” of feminism.

After Bikini Kill, Hanna went on to make feminist dance music with Le Tigre and has kept pushing boundaries ever since. Recently, she donated her zine archive to NYU’s Fales Library as part of its new Riot Grrrl collection. She joins Laura in studio to talk feminism, rock’n’roll, and why she’s hopeful for the future.

Posted: 12:32 PM
Posted: 12:01 PM
18 February 10
The Supreme Court has held that in rape cases the testimony of the victim cannot be considered to be the gospel truth, though in normal circumstances her statement has to be relied upon.
Posted: 4:14 PM
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